Intriguing election results from November 2

The press has been very active since early yesterday, registering and reacting to all the election results from around the country.  Not only did the state of Virginia turn a lot redder (electing a new governor and state assembly members), but locally the Deepest Blue city of Seattle seems to have chosen a new City Attorney wisely (Ann Davison is a Republican, and I can’t remember the last time Seattle elected any Republican to any office).  I recommend you check out the pictures of the two attorney candidates in the linked article-the loser looks like a stern, joyless person, whose platform included abolishing the police and no longer acknowledging misdemeanor crimes.  I wonder if the very-Leftist people in Seattle had finally had enough of homeless camps in every city park, and rampant crime and drug use, because they elected a new mayor who does not have a reputation as a far-Leftist.  Then, there’s the story today on KOMO about the big fire at a homeless camp in Ballard, to illustrate what the ordinary citizens of Seattle have to put up with these days.  Mr. Harrell will have his work cut out for him. has a bunch of great stories today about the near-total meltdown of the network newsreaders on most of the big networks (aside from Fox News).  This one is especially good.  And, yes, we reserve the right to engage in some Schadenfreude (being happy at others’ distress).  Since I pay no attention to the Leftist “press”, I rely on such sites to bring me the festivities.  Life goes on, and we normal people get up and go to work in the morning as we always do.

One thought on “Intriguing election results from November 2

  1. accordion2ray

    Citizens of Seattle are sending a message to low lifes. Homeless fires are citizen protest against voters wanting to get tougher on crime. To be continued…

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