This hurts. The news that my Hero, Rush Limbaugh, is well and truly gone.

For the past month, my email has produced notifications, from the EIB Network which was built by Rush Limbaugh, that the Limbaugh Letter would be produced for the final time in October.  Each month, since Hubby and I merged households in 2003, we have received our Limbaugh Letter in the mail.  Every issue was chock-full of wonderful articles, news stories, features, and interviews with important Conservatives. The final issue is here, and as great as it is, it is a constant reminder that Rush is really dead, and just when we need him the most.

One of my very favorite parts of the Limbaugh Letter has always been the News Digest, across two pages.  It consists of various news stories, hand-picked by Rush’s staff, demonstrating the ignorance, stupidity, and evil of the Left.  Here is one page from the final issue.

News Digest-Limbaugh

My other favorite section, usually toward the back of each issue, is the “Stupid Quotes” section.  Each stupid quote has a pithy line of on-the-mark commentary.

Stupid Quotes-Limbaugh

Oh, Rush!  We miss you so much!  Rest in Eternal Peace, my Hero.

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