Lies of the Left, welcoming tyranny, in one sign

The Left, and its Environmentalist Wacko wing, dominate all discourse here in Western Washington.  The Environmental Wackos’ religion believes that humanity is a blot on the Holy Planet, and humanity has the power to change the climate, degrade the environment, and otherwise foul our nest.  That religion assumes that, with the proper regulation of human behavior, hunger and poverty can be eliminated, so the human condition everywhere can be perfected, and everyone be happy and prosperous.  They also believe that industrialized, Western societies are the prime polluters of the land and sea, with our modern conveniences like lightweight plastic grocery bags, straws, and disposable tableware.

Those beliefs lead to regulations in our state, passed by the majority-DemocRat legislature.  They include a state-wide ban on “single-use” plastic grocery bags, including those provided by restaurants to hold leftover food from your meal.  The State has also demanded that all grocery stores charge customers for every bag dispensed to customers to carry their groceries, including the paper bags that are recyclable.  Those regulations lead to signs like this one, posted at our favorite grocery store.


The Left, including the owners of the grocery chain, believes that there really are such things as Zero Waste and Zero Hunger, and that banning plastic grocery bags will bring them about.  The store owners also celebrate the State Plastic Bag Ban (see the word “fantastic” in the headline of the sign).  They are deluded fools, and all that results from the ban is inconvenience for customers, and filthy reusable bags brought from home by those inconvenienced customers.  How much disease is spread by those reusable (plastic!) bags, which rarely get cleaned?  How many more plastic garbage bags are bought by customers who can no longer use those “single use” bags to line their wastebaskets at home?  And what about all those single-use plastic produce bags, that are still allowed by the all-powerful State?  Don’t those pollute just as much as the banned bags?  It just shows you how stupid and tyrannical the Left is.

Oh, and about those modern industrialized societies?  They are NOT the world’s biggest polluters of the land and sea.  The partly-industrialized countries of Asia and South America are the world’s biggest polluters, but their governments are not banning plastic grocery bags, are they?


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