I spy…with my little eye…Fungi!

In the Pacific Northwest, it gets very moist in the fall and winter. We are also blessed with ample forests and leaf-litter in our yards. Perfect for the growth of mushrooms and other types of fungi. Here are some that I have encountered recently.

Below are some mushrooms that were growing under bushes on the fence line at the place I used to work. I saw them when I arrived at work, and whipped out my smartphone to take a picture.


They look perfect, to have tiny fairies using them as umbrellas to shade their tea-parties.


I found this big one in the backyard, the last time I refilled the seed bird-feeder.  Someone took some big bites out of it!


This one is also from the backyard, and looks like it is leaning away from something.  I think it and its buddies are enriching the soil in the yard.


These were just a few feet away.

I’m not bothered by the fungal growth in the yard, since they offer a change of scenery for me and the birds and animals that visit.  Anything that eats them is welcome!

And I really do like this one which I found living in the planting-strip by our local Costco store.






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