Christmas in Dementia-Joe Biden’s America

The occupant of the White House made a speech recently, predicting a “winter of illness and death” for the Americans not vaccinated against the CCP Virus.  How very uplifting.

Biden can’t remember what he promised on Covid testing.  It’s a wonder he can remember his own name anymore.

Washington hospitals are worried about capacity ahead of a possible “Omicron wave”.  Nurses are resigning rather than submit to the State vaccine mandate.

University of Washington nutritionist suggests stopping after three bites of holiday dessert.  Let’s ruin your Christmas dinner.

WA DOH enhances Covid contact tracing system ahead of home-test influx.  Enabling further government intrusions into your life.

Fauci says you shouldn’t welcome some relatives to your parties.  You should institute your own “vaccine mandate”, thereby alienating your own family.  How very in the Christmas spirit.  Actually, I read a post today on Kira Davis’s Locals feed from one of her other followers, who said that her daughter has forbidden her to come to her house, or to see her grandchildren, because she has not been vaccinated.  And Merry Christmas to her family, too.


“Resign”: Americans tell Fox News what they want from Biden for Christmas.

TSA extends mask mandate through March 18, so everyone flying anywhere or using public transportation will still have to wear a mask 100% of the time.  Regardless of the fact that wearing a mask makes NO difference in the transmission rate of the CCP Virus.  Hubby and I will not be flying again.

So, can you remember another president whose actions, and that of his administration, have led to so much depression, anxiety, and misery as Dementia-Joe Biden?  Why would the president of the United States be trying so hard to demoralize and scare his own people?  Maybe he doesn’t consider most of us “his own people”.  Anxious, fearful people are easier to dominate.

Please, Readers, don’t let the bastards get you down.  Live your real life this Christmas.  Visit your family, hold your children and grandchildren.  Go shopping at your favorite bricks-and-mortar store.  Drive or walk around your neighborhood and admire all the Christmas-lighted homes and yards.  Refuse to cower in fear of a virus, or of a government that wants you depressed. Take off that dehumanizing mask, and smile at your friends and neighbors.  Have a Merry Christmas!

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