Our first Christmas without Rush Limbaugh…a fitting tribute

One of those who knew him best, Diana Allocco has written a moving tribute to the man whose influence over our lives was profound (and remains, even after his death).  Diana edited the Limbaugh Letter for most of its life.  She was also a silent member of Ricochet.com, and I believe it was she who pointed Rush toward important posts there.  In February, she asked one of our most beloved Ricochet members for permission to use his post in Rush’s memory, in the Limbaugh Letter, and it was published.  Tragically, that beloved member also passed away this year.

R.I.P LimbaughLetter

Diana has done a wonderful piece, over at Fox News, and I urge my readers and followers to read it.   And weep, because it is awe-inspiring, and brings back all our grief at the death of Our Hero.

Christmas Without Rush Limbaugh

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