Boxing Day snow

Hello, everyone, and happy Boxing Day!  We woke up to snow this day after Christmas, and here’s a tiny sample of our backyard.  The video was taken through the window of our bedroom on the second floor.

As usual, the yard is swarming with birds, going after the two kinds of suet, and the seeds.  My Rumble site has a bunch of snowbird videos. Today, I burst out laughing, watching our Rufous-sided Towhee trying to get at the hot-pepper suet.  The basket is almost empty, and the suet is therefore hard to get at.  The Townsend’s Warbler had no trouble; the Juncos have some trouble, and the towhee was just hilarious.

I think he managed to get some suet, but he’s just not built for clinging to the basket.

2 thoughts on “Boxing Day snow

  1. Beautiful! Love the towhee 🙂 We were at an unseasonably warm 76(!) degrees here in Nashville yesterday, but by Sunday there is a tiny chance of snow showers and a low of 17 predicted – if you don’t like the weather here, just wait, as they say…

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