CFFC (Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge): Four colors or more

Thanks so much to my friend Cee Neuner for this very timely topic!  As my readers will already be aware, I have been taking pictures of some of the parts and scraps at the factory where I work.  From almost the day I arrived, I have been admiring the bright colors of the plastic endcaps that go over long tubes so they can be shipped without being damaged.  Out in the Shipping area, there are a few boxes of these loose caps, in many sizes and colors.

The photo on the right is just taken a bit closer-up, but you can see the caps are red, yellow, orange, gray, and black.  They almost look like abstract art.

On our shopping trip to the Bellevue Square Mall, we stopped in at the Williams-Sonoma store, and I was taken with the stacks of festively-colored mixing bowls.

Festive Bowls

And on Christmas Eve when we were shopping for our Christmas dinner, the supermarket had some displays of beautiful rose bouquets in many colors.


Happy New Year, everyone!

Here’s the Link to Cee’s original post.

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