My favorite memes of the horrific year of 2021

Most of my favorite memes of 2021 have been provided by Joe Messerli in his daily Politically Incorrect Humor newsletter.  I urge my readers to visit and sign up today.  You won’t be disappointed.  Along with the funny/tragic memes and cartoons, Joe also provides his thoughts on what is happening in America, and he is very smart!  So, below are some of my favorite cartoons and memes that describe life in the new America of Demented Joe Biden, Black Lives (don’t) Matter, and Health Nazi Anthony Fauci.



See above.  Margaret Haugen was a Facebook employee who believes that the social media giant is not censoring enough!


Your government now views you as the enemy.


Your government now considers the color of your skin as your most definitive attribute.  They and the big corporations who kowtow to them will now be promoting and rewarding people upon that attribute.  Beware the airline pilot or bridge designer whose position was gained solely due to the color of his skin, and not his education and abilities.

And the biggest source of tyranny in our once-free nation, the Health Nazis.



The news today in my region says that we are seeing the highest number of new “Covid cases” ever, after over 75% of the population of the state has been vaccinated.  What does that say about the effectiveness of the vaccine?  What does that say about the people in the Health Nazi Corps, who are still urging everyone to get vaccinated and take booster shots?


Finally, some pictures of the real thing, not memes or cartoons.  These are all signs that I have photographed in my area of Western Washington State, and a couple that I captured on an Alaska Airlines flight.  This is the real Health Tyranny.


How to improve your experience at the State Fair!  It was 80F that day.

TJs MaskSign

In the New Year of 2022, I urge all my freedom-loving readers and followers:


6 thoughts on “My favorite memes of the horrific year of 2021

  1. accordion2ray

    One man with a microphone could be making a difference helping to keep us all sane if he were still alive today. Remember him and stay sane. Thanks RB.

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