Sunday Stills Monthly Color Challenge: #White

White isn’t a color, it’s the sum of all colors.  These days, white gets the ultimate bad rap, due to the fact of the Black Lives Matter Marxists denigrating all white people, and demanding that they be crushed.  But if white is the sum of all colors, shouldn’t white be seen as the best?  The melting together of all colors, thus includes all colors, which should be a good thing, I would think.

Anyway, Terri mentioned something about living inside a snow globe, so here are some snow pictures.

I think I should get extra credit for the right-hand picture, of white snow on my husband’s white car.  Both  pictures are from February of 2021.

I call this one “whiteout”, since it was a break in a real whiteout at the top of the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park.  In June!  I was driving with my heart in my mouth the entire way across Logan Pass, due to the road construction which narrowed the drivable portion of the highway.



The object above is a white ceramic stove, found at the Esterhazy Palace in Vienna.  This item would have been used to heat parts of the huge palace, in the absence of central heating.  It can get very cold in the winter in Austria, and I imagine it kept multiple servants busy supplying it with wood.


The huge white thunderheads really contrast with the blue sky, don’t they?


Here’s the link to Terri’s original post.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Stills Monthly Color Challenge: #White

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  2. I hear ya on the white thing. I had to be mindful of how I used the word in my title… anyhoo, great shots, and boy, your car was COVERED in snow last year! Beautiful (if scary) shot of the road to Glacier NP! Great gallery of white images.

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