A note to the bumbling incompetent “doctor” who runs the CDC: It’s NOT the messaging!

To Rochelle Walensky, who thinks the reason she’s so ignored is that the messaging from her agency is not consistent: It’s not the messaging, lady, it’s the MESSAGE.  I read in a Wall Street Journal article today that Walensky is being “coached by a media consultant”!!!  I laughed out loud when I read that.  Especially because YOU are paying for her media consultant!!

The constantly-changing so-called “guidance” coming out of the CDC for months has been incoherent, inconsistent, and tyrannical, and people have simply ignored it.  Every day, it seems there are new rules, guidelines, and strictures upon the weary taxpayers of America.  Quarantine rules change, isolation rules shorten or lengthen, seemingly at random.  Over a year ago, the CDC quietly published data that indicated that the Covid virus is NOT spread by touching surfaces!  However, that information was so quiet that nobody paid attention, and schools, businesses, and households are still shutting down for “deep cleaning” when people “test positive” for the virus.

The news everywhere is full of stories about how the Omicron “variant” is spreading like wildfire everywhere, and that half of those who get that strain of Covid are fully-vaccinated and “boosted”!   Yet the CDC and all state and local health authorities are still pushing “vaccination” and boosters on everyone, regardless of the evidence that the so-called vaccines do not protect you from getting or spreading the virus!

Nothing will change, as the “public health” establishments in America are no longer pushing protection from the now-endemic virus, but retaining and expanding their control of the population. It’s not about public health, it’s about control, and the sooner the Public learns that, and stops yielding to that control, the sooner our Liberty will be restored.

So, when Walensky talks, turn off the TV and get on with living your life.  Quite being afraid of the big, bad virus, and get out there and earn a living, enjoy socializing with your family and friends, and pull your kids out of the government schools.  Everyone will be much happier.

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