How to ruin the sublime chamber music experience [Edited to add pictures]

Make all the musicians wear masks.  Last night was the first concert of the Seattle Chamber Music Society Winter Festival.  It was the first in-person concert since January of 2020, live-streamed from Benaroya Hall in downtown Hellhole  Seattle.  One of the big benefits of chamber music is watching how the musicians interact with each other, feeding off their enthusiasm.  They move, smile, and respond to each other in a way unknown in orchestral music.  And that experience has been destroyed with the 100% mask mandate by Seattle and King County.

I found it disgusting to muzzle those fine musicians.  It hurt my psyche to see how the lovely men and women who I have come to know, being forced to wear a mask over their faces, were prevented from showing us how much they love their music, and performing.  I know that the entire audience was also masked, and that’s why my husband and I did not attend in person.  We are not afraid of the big, bad CCP Virus, but I refuse to sit for two hours with a mask over my face, and I also refused to “show my papers” to be admitted.  And my husband is not “vaccinated” and did not have a current negative test to show.  So we watch the performances from the comfort of our couch at home, and feel sorry for all the musicians.

Below are some pictures I took off the TV from the couch on Saturday, January 29. Sorry for the blue color, but you get a pretty good view of the masked musicians.  And one paradox, which no one seems to notice or mention.

These are a violin/piano duo and a piano quintet.  All of the musicians are wearing masks, for “Safety First”.  The next picture is different from the rest.  Can you spot the difference?


The difference is blatantly obvious.  The singer is not masked!  It was not considered necessary to protect everyone from the infectious singer, was it?  All the other musicians and audience members are assumed to be infected-why else make everyone wear a mask? [my guess as to why everyone is assumed to be infectious, is that it is better to assume the worst, just in case]  The people who are running things these days, and all the perfectly-compliant sheep, have no problem with assuming that every other human being is infectious-they fear other people.  This is very sad.

This experience in government control of the population might just make me reconsider my commitment to the SCMS.  Why should I pay good money to watch my favorite musicians be muzzled?  No one will fight back against their tyrannical government-in fact, they welcome this kind of tyranny, thinking that they are “safer” that way.  Unfortunately, they are deluded.  They are not any safer at all, and the experience for their audience has been diminished.

One thought on “How to ruin the sublime chamber music experience [Edited to add pictures]

  1. eherring726

    Our Phil also has to follow city directives. We arrive early for street parking across the street and eat at Wendy’s maskless. From there we can wait until the last minute suffer in masks. Nice thing about a dark venue, one can sneak free breaths.

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