These Virginia “educators” aren’t teachers, they are Tyrants

In one of his first acts as the new governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin issued an executive order giving Parents control over whether their children are required to wear a dehumanizing mask in school.  School teachers (drunk with the power of their union) couldn’t have that.  In private messages, many teachers have issued various threats against children whose parents deem that they should go to school bare-faced. [article at the Washington Free Beacon]

These so-called “teachers” are so afraid of their own students that they refuse to have them in their classes.  Here are a few quotes from the young women who are responsible for the education of Virginia children.

Kids will not be allowed in mine [sic] class without a mask. No mask, no entry,” Prince William County English teacher Heather Lynn Reilly Osial said on Facebook. “If my boss has a problem with that, then she has a choice. Either she wants me there or not.”

And this one:

Lawther added that she was “getting a cattle prod” to ward off unmasked children.

And this:

“I am not going any closer than six feet from an unmasked student,” Loudoun County biology teacher Carol Hensley said. “If they want to talk to me, they’ll need to put a mask on. No job is worth my severely at-risk family’s health.”

And this:

English teacher at Arlington Public Schools Erika Enright said she will separate unmasked children.

“If a child comes into my room without a mask on, they will be asked to sit out in the hallway and do their work,” she said. “I dare anyone [to] say anything to me.”

Haven’t America’s children suffered enough in this pandemic?  The Science evidence shows that children are not nearly as likely to get sick as adults, and unlikely to spread the virus either.  But the teachers insist on being scared of their own pupils, and determined to not teach them in person, for how long?  Nobody seems to know.  I never thought I’d see the day when teachers are an actual threat to the education of children.  All of these teachers are double- and triple-vaccinated, and many have recovered from Covid, which essentially makes them immune.  Yet they continue to literally cower under their desks rather than go back to teaching.

What I’d like to see Glenn Youngkin do is a Ronald Reagan with the air traffic controllers.  He should fire the lot of them, and give the parents of Virginia the tax dollars that paid for public schooling.  Maybe then parents would find real teachers who want to educate children and not dominate them.


One thought on “These Virginia “educators” aren’t teachers, they are Tyrants

  1. accordion2ray

    What good is being vaccinated as a teacher if it doesn’t protect you from being subjected to the unmasked speech of a student? I’d say the teacher is the one with the illness, and a mental one at that.

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