Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #185: Change

My backyard changes rather dramatically with the seasons.  For the past three or four years, we have had snow every winter.  I have to say, I really love what the snow does with the various features in the yard.


The heap in the front is our birdbath, with an ornamental grass plant, and a concrete pagoda behind it.


Not quite the same vantage point, but here’s how they look in the summer.  Now, keep that Japanese Maple tree in mind.


This is what it looks like for about a week in the fall.  It only takes a couple of days for its foliage to change to that beautiful bright red color.  Maybe this year I will try to set up a time-lapse camera in the yard so I can capture the change.

Speaking of red, last year our house went through a rather drastic change.  Our homeowners’ dues pay for an exterior paint job every five years.  In about two weeks, our house changed from gray to barn red.  I have always wanted a red house, and I think it turned out quite well.

When we brought home our kitty in 2010, she was just under a year old.  Here she is.


And here she is today.  Bigger, a bit fatter, but just as beautiful as she ever was.


Finally, a change which has upset me greatly.  Here is a chamber music group, at the Seattle Chamber Music Festival a few years ago.


Here are chamber musicians today.

Masked Quintet-SCMF

Ugh.  Muzzled.  I can hardly wait for this to end (but hold out very little hope for Seattle).

Here’s the link to John’s original Post.

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