Washington State Health Nazis to the People: Abandon Hope

Democratic governors of multiple states, including California and New York, have indicated this week that they will be abandoning mask mandates within a few days or weeks.  CCP Virus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have been decreasing rather dramatically lately, and some governments are announcing the lifting of restrictions on their residents.

However, the Health Nazis in Washington State beg to differ.  Here are quotes from a so-called infectious disease expert at UW Medicine:

Dr. Paul Pottinger, an infectious diseases expert with UW Medicine, said the lower case counts are encouraging but COVID-19 has proven to be hard to predict and we don’t want to make changes to safety measures prematurely.

“I think we’re heading toward a time where we can be safely inside around strangers without wearing a mask but I would not recommend that now,” Pottinger said. “I think it is too soon.”
“I think people are going to start getting edgy,” Pottinger said. “They really want to get out of the masks. They are going to talk to friends in other parts of the country. I really would urge people to trust public health.
Please note the magenta weasel-words and cautions above.  You might notice that the good doctor (?) says nothing about any goals for cases, etc. that would be low enough to lift the restrictions.  Of course not!  They will never, ever decide that the people’s Liberty should be restored.  Their plans are to keep all the people of Washington in chains (masks, vaccination mandates, distancing rules), essentially forever.  They will always find some new “variant” or statistic that tells them that the risk to the public is too high to loosen any restrictions.  These statements say to me:
 “Abandon hope, all ye citizens of Washington State.  It will always be “premature” to get rid of all the mask and vaccine mandates.  You will be under our control forever.”
Trust “Public Health” my size 9-1/2 foot!!  We have trusted our local Health Nazis for two years, and it’s time for us to break the chains of our oppression!  The goal posts keep getting moved, every time it is thought that the “pandemic” was receding.  Of course we all know the reason for that.
The Health Nazis everywhere in America, starting with the Obergrupenfuhrer Anthony Fauci, have had near-absolute power for over two years.  It’s no wonder they refuse to yield.  We, the public, have to take our liberty back by refusing to comply.

2 thoughts on “Washington State Health Nazis to the People: Abandon Hope

  1. boyces15

    Yes, but the Biden administration needs the narrative to change fast. Apparently, the nazis in WA state haven’t received the memo. Biden promised to make the vid go away and he’s giving a national address on March 1st. The dems need to claim victory over the vid because midterms are coming and campaigning will begin soon. Honestly, it is the only play they have left to avoid a red wave is to convince enough people that they defeated the vid.

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