Students and Parents in Washington State welcome medical tyranny, don’t want to quit wearing masks

I admit, I was just flabbergasted when I read the comments of various Washington State students and parents, regarding the possible end to state-mandated wearing of face coverings in schools.  Since the fall of 2020, when some schools went back to in-person instruction, the State has mandated that all students, staff, and teachers wear face coverings while in school buildings.  The Teachers Unions have been particularly adamant about mask mandates, in spite of the SCIENCE indicating that they are not at any higher risk, and the fact that teachers were among the first groups eligible to be vaccinated in early 2021.  They still quake in their boots and swear that their own students are putting everyone at risk if they do not wear masks in school.

But some of these comments just indicate that the State mandates and statistics have had their desired effect.  The press and Health Nazis have instilled abject fear in a significant slice of the population, of a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate.  Here’s what some have to say about the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s call for the end of mandated mask-wearing in public schools.

Students like Kamiak High School Junior Esaw Adhana are making it clear they don’t want masks to be taken out of schools any time soon, as Reykdal recommended to the governor’s office Wednesday.

“My goal is not for masks to be the new norm,” Adhana said. “No one likes to wear masks 24/7. Eventually, but just not yet.”


But, parents are voicing concerns.

If we do, you know, remove the mask mandate, are the numbers going to go straight back up again?” said Julie Dennis, a Shoreline School District parent.

And, of course, the Teachers Unions are sounding the alarm!

The Washington Education Association said in an email statement the state must anticipate that lifting the mask mandate will exacerbate staffing shortages and interrupt learning.

Washington State teachers have decided that they will not be able to teach their students if they are not required to wear a dehumanizing face covering.

I despair for the average person in the state in which I live.  They have succumbed to the 100% government control of their lives, and now welcome medical tyranny.

I will continue to defy that tyranny.

4 thoughts on “Students and Parents in Washington State welcome medical tyranny, don’t want to quit wearing masks

  1. tnxplant

    I think the same fear is strong in the public school system of Nashville/Davidson County TN. I despair of them ever letting go of the mask mandate for the schools, and most parents support its continuance.

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