I don’t understand this. Perhaps readers can help me.

Recently, Rumble.com, where I have a presence to post my videos, changed the way they display creator videos.  In the past, they would show the number of “views”, and the number of “rumbles”, or “likes”.  Now, they not only show you those two measures, they show “dislikes”, as in “thumbs down”.  Aside from my “RushBabe’s Rants” videos, which I have not done a new one in months, the vast majority of the videos I post are nature videos of the birds in my backyard, videos of water in the various lakes near me (I have always been fascinated by the movements of water, from ripples to ocean waves), and videos of fairs or other activities.  None of these outdoor videos is political in any way whatsoever.  Below is a screenshot from my phone, of the Rumble display of the latest video I posted there, from Martha Lake in Lynnwood, Washington.


Can anyone enlighten me as to why 16 viewers would give this 13-second video a “thumbs down”?  You are all perfectly free to visit my site and watch the video, then tell me why anyone would give it a negative review.  It would not be offensive in any way, and I’m a rank amateur, so no pro videographer should be telling me that it’s bad.  Or would they?  I can’t help but take it personally when someone rejects my innocuous video.  What am I missing?

You can see from the screenshot that I have 89 videos posted on my site, and all of them have many more likes than dislikes.  I just want to know where the dislikes are coming from.  Please visit, and comment here or there.


2 thoughts on “I don’t understand this. Perhaps readers can help me.

  1. accordion2ray

    Name association. Rumble is not just people on the right. All kinds of people are on Rumble. By subscribing to your Rumble channel, you can help give an unhappy liberal their jollies for the day by disliking your videos, even perfectly harmless ones. Basically, you’re helping to prevent an unhappy liberal from committing suicide. Don’t begrudge them their daily dose of hate for the day. In these days of Covid restrictions and right wing conspiracies, you’re helping liberals in their little tiny world find their way to a snippet of happiness. Keep up the good work.

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