Free Citizens of Washington State: Throw off the chains of your oppression NOW! Defy the Dictator!

This afternoon, the Dictator of Washington, Jay Inslee, announced a loosening of restrictions on the long-suffering citizens of the state.  Notice, this is a loosening, not an elimination, of the Universal Indoor Mask Mandate that has been in effect since July of 2021, ostensibly to “keep people safe” from catching the CCP Virus, which has a 99% recovery rate.  Funny, but that mandate which covered 100% of the citizens, regardless of vaccination status, did not reduce the number of people who caught the virus.  Thousands of people were infected with the CCP Virus, but deaths plummeted.


Note, also, that the Loosening does not take effect until March 21, over a full month away.  This, of course, allows the All-Powerful Dictator to change his mind before the indoor mask mandate is reduced.  The Indoor Mask Mandate will remain for medical and dental offices, hospitals, and long-term-care settings (probably forever).  Yes, Dictators who have had absolute power over the lives of their citizens would be fools to give up that power.


Today, I am urging my fellow Free Citizens of Washington State to defy the Dictator!  Throw away your mask today!  Do not wait for the Dictator to set you free.  DO IT TODAY!  And by doing so, you will be communicating to the Dictator that he no longer controls your life.  Join me in throwing off the chains of our oppression now!

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