Quotes and Praise for My Hero, the Great Rush Limbaugh

The Greatest Talk-Radio Host of all time, Rush Limbaugh, died a year ago today, February 17, 2021.  I mourn his passing every single day.  He will be remembered forever on my personal blog at RushBabe49.com.  As quotes of the day, I have chosen some of my favorite quotes from the Great MahaRushie, Truth Detector, Doctor of Democracy, and Mayor of Realville.

The Truth does not require a majority to prevail, Ladies and Gentlemen.     The Truth is its own power.  The Truth will out.  Never forget that.

Character matters.  Leadership descends from Character.

Let me tell you who we conservatives are: we love people. When we look out over the United States of America, when we are anywhere, when we see a group of people, such as this or anywhere, we see Americans. We see human beings. We don’t see groups. We don’t see victims.

Liberals get credit for good intentions, and that’s about it, because everything they do fails.

I say what I mean.  I don’t speak in code.  That’s why I am a star and an ace communicator.

Why is Freedom such a hard sell?  That’s the question.  In this country, why has the idea of individual liberty and responsibility become such a hard sell?  That’s something I never thought would happen here.

Journalists are simply leftists disguised as reporters.  They’re political activists disguised as reporters.

I reject the notion that America is in a well-deserved decline, that she and her citizens are unexceptional. I do not believe America is the problem in the world. I believe America is the solution to the world’s problems.

In August 2005, I was fortunate to be able to speak to Rush on his program (don’t tell anyone that I did it from work) and found him to be a very gracious host.  He loved how I became a listener (he always liked to hear the stories), and I cherish that moment.  I paid yearly to be a Rush 24/7 Member, which came with some perks.  Like this Christmas card from 2017.

2017 Limbaugh Christmas card

Above all else, Rush Limbaugh loved America, and the American people (every one of them).  He could not tolerate leftists continually tearing down the country he loved.  He knew, and told us loyal listeners all the time, that we live in the greatest single country ever dreamed up by human beings; the one country on earth where everyone wants to come.  He had no patience with people who live here, benefit from all that America has to offer, then denigrate their country and call it evil, racist, and imperialist.

Here’s a link to Rush’s 2009 speech at CPAC.  He just speaks to everyone, off the cuff, no notes, no stutters or untoward pauses.  This is a true Broadcast Professional.

We were all thrilled when President Donald Trump bestowed upon Rush the Presidential Medal of Freedom in January of 2021.  No one, but NO ONE, in America deserved it more.


Here is what Rush wrote in 2017, in the 25th anniversary issue of the Limbaugh Letter.

The facts are these.  America is unlike any nation known to mankind.  Every other country was like the others, in that its governments denied individual freedom and opportunity.  Until America, authoritarianism, tyranny, royal rule was the standard, nation to nation, people to people.  That is the history of humanity–poverty, struggle, oppression–until the United States was born, which copied nothing.

Truer words have never been written.  It is incumbent upon us, who remain in and love America, to fight for it, and deny the Left the ability to destroy it.

Here is a heartfelt tribute to Rush, by the lady who edited the Limbaugh Letter.

Rush Limbaugh was and remains My Hero.  Let us all remember what a great Conservative he was, for the over thirty years he was a presence on the radio. Let us all remember that Rush Limbaugh was a Great American, who loved his country more than anything.  Please join me in mourning, and celebrating the life of the Great Rush Limbaugh.  May his Light shine Forever on America!

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