About Hillary Clinton…

This week, Special Counsel John Durham dropped some very interesting information about the activities of the Clinton presidential campaign of 2016.  It turns out that the Clinton campaign, beyond paying for the notorious “Steele Dossier”, was outright spying on the Trump Campaign, and even on the President in the White House.  Clinton’s minions paid hackers to “infiltrate” the computer servers used by the Trump White House, to “establish a link” between Trump and Russia that manifestly did not exist.  Below are some excellent memes that I received from a good friend.  Aren’t they timely?



This creature needs to be charged with all the crimes her political campaign engaged in, then and now.  Does anyone really think she will ever be brought to justice?  It will be interesting to see if Durham issues any indictments.  Discovery should be extremely interesting.

Unfortunately for the American Public, the “lame stream media” is totally ignoring the story.  Here’s some speculation as to why that is.

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