Masking Children is Child Abuse

Much of the detrimental effects of wearing a mask around others is social.  This is much more harmful to children, since their social development depends in large part on seeing and interpreting facial expressions of their parents and other adults; and of their friends and schoolmates.  The past two years of Covid madness have adversely affected all children.  It has been evident from the beginning that children are less susceptible than adults to catching Covid in the first place, and less likely to spread the virus if they get infected.

It is criminal that the Teachers Unions and many parents have enthusiastically masked the children, and treated them as pariahs if they appear at school with bare, smiling faces.  Many parents have been unable to fly on an airplane, since they cannot force their toddlers to wear their masks at all times.

Here are some stories of parents and toddlers removed from flights, due to toddlers’ inability to keep a mask on.

Mom removed from American Airlines flight.

Mom removed from JetBlue flight.

It is a crying shame that many parents have totally internalized the abject fear instilled in the population by the Health Nazis at all levels of government, and even when the mask mandates are lifted, they fight back, insisting that their kids wear masks!  They have no clue about how their children will be, and are, adversely affected by the inability to see their friends’ faces, and read and respond to facial expressions.

Kids in masks

I fear that this trend of making little kids wear masks will come back to bite the entire society, stunting the social development of an entire generation.

I urge all parents to #Unmask the Children now!

One thought on “Masking Children is Child Abuse

  1. Our kids have almost never had to do so, and actually do better with it than I do– but I can’t imagine how folks whose kids have to wear them for more than maybe fifteen minutes a month manage it.

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