Visitors-Would you like to comment on my posts, and “like” them? I can show you how!

My blog has had hundreds of visitors lately, and I thank every one.  But I noticed that most visitors just read, and don’t comment or like my posts.  Please join the conversation!  It’s really easy, and absolutely free.

In the sidebar on the right of my blog, you will see a link that says “Register”.  If you click on that link, you just have to give your email address, and a “handle” or screen-name.  You are perfectly free to use any pseudonym you like, or your real name.  If you already have an internet avatar, you can use that, or the nice people at WordPress will assign you a pretty symbol that looks like a square snowflake.  Don’t worry about giving up your email address-I never look at them and will never bother you.  Once you are registered, you can comment on posts, and like them if you think they are good.

I love getting comments from followers on my blog, and if something rubs you the wrong way, let me know!  I love learning and interacting with my followers (and I do appreciate all civil comments).  So register today, and join the conversation!

Thank you again.


3 thoughts on “Visitors-Would you like to comment on my posts, and “like” them? I can show you how!

  1. Your blog is quickly becoming a go-to site for me – so glad to have found it via Ricochet! I will do my best to “like” your posts more often 🙂
    I am not sure where to share this with you and hope it’s ok to do so here. This is a link to what our county in TN is like regarding public education – *spoiler* they really don’t like Hillsdale:

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