The Left. This is who they are.

The Far Left has run Seattle and King County for decades.  These stories tell who they are.

Seattle City Council considers using the Seattle Public Library buildings as emergency homeless shelters.  [the sainted “homeless” have already been using library facilities as daycare centers, bathrooms, and drug dens]

The big homeless camp outside Seattle City Hall is prevented from being cleared by the efforts of the homeless-industrial complex.

In upper-middle-class Kirkland, King County is going through with buying a vacant La Quinta Inn to use as a homeless shelter.  Over the objections of nearby residents.

Governor signs bill putting price controls on insulin.

Welcome to Leftie-Land, with homeless camps everywhere, rising crime rates, government agencies firing non-Covid-vaccinated employees (and then complaining about staffing shortages), etc.

2 thoughts on “The Left. This is who they are.

  1. accordion2ray

    Three decent restaurants closed in that area years ago. The Burgermaster drive in remains. I never knew Kirkland had values of providing for the homeless.

    1. It doesn’t. It is simply in King County, where the government spreads the misery around. Homeless shelters bring crime and drug dealing. Notice that no homeless shelters will be sited in Medina or Newport Shores.

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