Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #189: Odds and Ends

I like to keep my eyes open, in case I see something unusual or interesting to photograph.  Of course, this is much easier, now that I have a pretty good camera ready, wherever I go (thanks iPhone!).

The day I went down to Martha Lake Park, I was looking over the dock railing, back at the shore, when I spotted something colorful within the downed branches in the water.  I call this photo “Lost”.


I wonder where the child who lost his ball was playing?  On the shore in the park?  In his own yard along the lakefront?  No telling how long the ball had been there, or where it originated.  It just looked forlorn.

At our local mall, the designers of the outdoor spaces used numerous pieces of a Washington State material, columnar basalt.  In Eastern Washington near the Columbia River, entire cliffs of this volcanic rock jut out from the brown hills.  There are some very beautiful fountains made up of pieces of the basalt, cut and polished, and drilled for the water to splash around in.  The last time I was there, it had just rained (very common in our area!), and I captured another piece of this beautiful stone, being used as a bench.


The seating surface was polished, but all the other surfaces were left in their rougher state.  I just think these are beautiful, and the water droplets emphasize the curves in the polished surface.

Once again, as I was walking around the factory where I am working, I spotted some very artistic-looking metal shavings in a receptacle near one of the big milling machines that makes aircraft gears.  The big piece on the right looks like a spiral staircase.

Metal-shaving tower

And a couple of weeks ago when my husband had his clarinet case open, I took some pictures of it.  This one was a bit out of focus, but now I think it looks like a piece of abstract art, with the edges of the metal fitting that holds the mouthpiece on looking blurry.


Here’s the link to Tina’s original post.

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