Just a quick thought on the ultra-wealthy

Every Friday, the Wall Street Journal print edition has a section entitled Mansion, where they do stories on homes of the rich and famous, and merely rich.  Sometimes, they do a subject like “bought an old house and renovated it”, and profile families who bought and renovated old houses.  There are also many stories about “spec” houses that sell, or don’t sell.  This week, there was a story about a spec house in Southern California that sat on the market for years, and finally sold for multi-millions.

The cover story this week, was entitled “Elon Musk Makes Good”, and the subject was a statement that Mr. Musk made last year, that he would “own no homes”.  So it seems that Mr. Musk, one of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs, is well on the way to owning no homes.  He sold seven homes in California, all of which were very expensive, and sold for their asking prices or higher, making him a profit of $25 Million.

I asked myself why an entrepreneur with no wife and only one child would buy seven mansions.  It seemed to me that he would not need seven homes in one state to actually live in.  I came to the conclusion that the reason he bought so many homes was that, he could.  He had more than enough money to buy whatever he wanted, so he did.  I get the impression that Mr. Musk is wealthy in money and possessions, but may not be very content with his life.  His business ventures have been wildly successful, and he makes products that people and governments line up to buy.  I do wonder what his ultimate goal or goals in life might be.

I wonder what Elon Musk’s inner life is like, what he dreams about at night.  What does he really want to make of himself?  He has wealth, fame, business success, and all the public exposure anyone could ask for (even in these days of instant fame on social media).  Is that enough?  I wonder.

And just thinking of Musk’s huge wealth makes me extremely content with my own lot in life.  I only own one house, and it’s a standard suburban tract house in a middle-class neighborhood.  But it’s all we need, and keeps us warm at night and out of the gutter.  We have very little debt, and enough income with my Social Security, Hubby’s pension, and my earnings at my “temp” job; we can travel if we want, and even with the galloping inflation we can buy all the necessities of life.  I really don’t envy Elon Musk at all.

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