Dispatch from the Seattle (area) Cesspit

And in other news, the War Zone Cesspit of Seattle/Tacoma continues to produce tales of woe, mostly caused by the political policies of the Far Left who run most cities around here.  They have favored criminals over victims, homeless over taxpaying citizens, and teachers unions over parents for decades.  Here is what those policies have wrought.

Two sheriff’s deputies in grave condition after shooting in Spanaway (suburb south of Tacoma).

Everett stabbing suspect attacks two people, killing one. (I live in Everett)

New initiative identifies hundreds who have caused thousands of crimes in Seattle.  It turns out that King County judges have been spinning the revolving door of crime, letting prolific offenders go free, to re-offend.  And, to top it all off, here is a quote from the above article.  Remember how Seattle elected a “conservative” city attorney?  Italics mine.

These prolific offenders have been identified through the High Utilizer Initiative (HUI).

City Attorney Ann Davison announced the HUI launch Tuesday morning, a program made to identify those who repeatedly cause criminal activity throughout Seattle.

The program will then ensure these people will have the actual help they need, and their cases will be prioritized.

What did I say about favoring criminals over victims of crime?  These people consider the perpetrators of multiple crimes to be victims.  No wonder Seattle is on the way to Hell.

Mother, boyfriend arrested after allegedly killing two-year-old girl.

Police searching for man in killing of 15-year-old at Third Ave. & Pine.  This is Seattle’s most notorious intersection for all kinds of crime.

Father of missing five-year-old pleads guilty to two felonies.

Officers arrest road-rage suspect who pulled gun on driver near Green Lake.

Inquests into law-enforcement-involved deaths resume in King County.  While the KC judges let prolific offenders go free, investigations resume of police shootings of criminals.

And this is only one day’s stories.  New ones are posted every day.   I find this quite depressing.

[this post originally appeared on the Member Feed at Ricochet.com]

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