Terri’s Sunday Stills Challenge: #Urbanity

These days, I live in a suburb.  The closest big city is Seattle, 20 miles south of our home in Everett (where the airplanes are made).  I was born and raised in Seattle in the 1950’s and 1960’s, and lived there from the mid-1970’s until 1990.  I do not recognize the Seattle of my childhood and young adulthood anymore.   Downtown Seattle is sometimes a war zone, with new shootings occurring nearly every day, and I try to stay out as much as I can.  With the city now run by a bunch of radical leftists who hate police, and see criminals as victims, the city is no longer welcoming for ordinary citizens.

Seattle does possess some architectural charm, and I have always loved Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles.  One Sunday, I took my camera downtown, and photographed some architectural detail on many of the old buildings.

These are just some examples of the wealth of ornamentation on old Seattle buildings.  In 189, there was a huge fire in the downtown area, which destroyed most of the old wooden buildings, allowing the city to be rebuilt in brick and stone.

The Eagles Auditorium hosted rock concerts for many years, before it was turned into the home of a local theater group.  I just love the ornamentation on the outside of the building, and am grateful that the building has been preserved, rather than torn down to make way for something newer.

In my long life, I have been fortunate to visit other cities.  In 1996, the Everett Symphony took a trip to Austria, and we played in other cities besides Vienna.  Now, Vienna is a very old city, with wonderful sights to see.

These are two views of the Hundertwasser House, an apartment building, built and decorated by a famous artist.  It looks like the building is crooked, but if you look closely, you can see that it’s only the surface decoration that’s crooked, and all the windows and doors line up perfectly.

Hofburg, seat of Vienna city government

This is the Hofburg, the seat of Vienna city government.  We went inside for a reception.

Esterhazy Palace, Eisenstadt

This is the Esterhazy Palace in the city of Eisenstadt.  The composer Franz Josef Haydn worked for the Esterhazy family.

Sometimes, you find some un-city-ish things inside cities.  For instance, last year when we visited Nashville, we discovered an old fort from the city’s earliest days, nicely restored.

Now, Terri also included marinas in her post, and I sure have some good photos of local marinas, which you find all over Western Washington on our numerous waterways.  This is the Everett Marina.


This is another of our favorites, the LaConner Marina on the Swinomish Slough just north of us.  We always park there when we go up sightseeing.


Then, even farther north, the Inner Harbour of Victoria, BC, just in the neighborhood where our favorite hotel is.  I look wistfully at these photos, because we may never go there again.  My husband refuses Covid vaccination, and Canada still requires all visitors to be vaccinated.  Their loss of tourist dollars.

Here’s the link to Terri’s original post.

2 thoughts on “Terri’s Sunday Stills Challenge: #Urbanity

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  2. Sad about Seattle these days. San Francisco is very similar according to some friends to live there. Your pictures are beautiful and I’m glad you shared the spectacular marinas. Our neighbors lived in Everett. Great place!

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