Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 192: Earth

I have a bit of a problem with today’s topic.  It sounds to me a bit like “earth worship”.  I have always appreciated how God put us on the most beautiful planet known in the Universe.  I appreciate how wonderful our planet is, and the fact that we humans are at the top of the food chain.  However, earth worship is a pagan concept, and I abhor it.  A good friend over at Ricochet.com has a Main Feed post that perfectly describes the issue.


I ignore “earth day”, and I reject the concept that humans are having an adverse effect on our planet.  The Planet is much, much bigger and more powerful than we are, and any effects we have are transitory and minor.  How do I know this?  Just look at a volcanic eruption, or a big earthquake.  Those who “honor” the earth also are often in favor of “population control”, abortion, and socialism; all concepts that diminish humanity.  The Climate is still poorly understood, and all those climate models come to contradictory conclusions; but they all have one thing in common.  They lead to the Dictatorship of the Experts, who place themselves over everyone else and attempt to control the behavior of all the world’s ordinary people.  But the rules that lower the standard of living for the vast majority of people never seem to apply to them.  You have to reduce your “carbon footprint”, but they never have to give up their private planes, waterfront mansions, or limousines.  By the way, you should remember that all animals on earth emit carbon dioxide all day, every day.  In one sense CO2 is supposedly harmful, but it is absolutely required for all life.  Net Zero=No Life.

One last rant.  Over the decades that the “environmental movement” have been active, NONE of their dire predictions has come true.  None.  They are constantly predicting “climate apocalypse”, which never comes.

Climate Predictions That Went Wrong

Now, I celebrate our beautiful planet with every photograph I take.  But I do not worship it.


The beach at Deception Pass State Park.


Mount St. Helens, which erupted in 1980, spreading devastation all around its location in Cowlitz County, Washington.


Hubbard Glacier in Alaska.  A veritable river of ice.  It also has side-glaciers, which you can see easily.  They always looked to me like big slides.

Snoqualmie Falls, whose power is easily seen and heard in the above video.  We have harnessed its power for electricity, which benefits everyone in the Pacific Northwest.

We acknowledge the ingenuity of humans, who invented complicated machines which let us view our planet from on high.  It really gives you a sense of the immensity of our planet, when you see it from the window of an airplane.

Celebrate our beautiful planet, but do not worship it.  Worship the God who made us, and it.

Here’s the link to the original post.

2 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 192: Earth

  1. accordion2ray

    Not just aspirational earth worship, but earth worship complete with human sacrifice, not only the ways you mention but also incrementally, especially in America with our extremely robust schedule of inmunizations, pushing all cause mortality up, and most radically upward since the advent of the coronavirus “vaccines” for “protecting” us from Covid-19. Whether we practice earth worship ourselves or not, we are all going to be doing penance because of somebody else’s belief system that says we must pay our price for ravaging the earth just by living.

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