No tulips yet, but…

Hubby and I took a little spur-of-the-moment trip up to the Skagit late this afternoon, to see if the tulips were out in all their splendor.  It was heavily overcast and threatening rain all afternoon.  We saw minimal tulips, but we did see some new sights.

Like this field of green veggies.


And this really cool house.


And something most unusual.  We saw many fields with standing water in them, and in one, we found a flock of shorebirds taking advantage of the situation.


I got one close-up.


I got out my Sibley bird book, and figured out that they are Greater Yellowlegs.  You can’t really see the yellow legs due to the poor lighting conditions, but all the other characteristics like the bill, and the striped sides identify them as Greater Yellowlegs.  We also saw a couple of big fields full of snow geese, but they were too far away to photograph.

A fun drive, even if there weren’t big fields of tulips.  Here’s a picture I took in 2019.


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