Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #193: (Re-)Birthdays

I’m privileged to have my birthday in April.  I love being a Spring Baby, when the garden wakes up from its winter slumber, leaves and buds show up on our trees, and our chorus frogs begin singing in the holding pond across the street from our house.

Last year, I planted a little Hydrangea bush in my backyard, and in its first year it produced one flower head.


This year, I have been watching it since early February, and taking pictures every few days to show its progress.  We had some snow in February, and my little bush looked like it might not survive.  So my tricky and resourceful husband rigged up a little tent for it.  This made me laugh, and give him a hug.  This is what it looked like before the blanket was thrown onto the frame.


You can just see the green buds at the ends of the stalks.  Below are photos showing the progression of the bush in March and April.

Also in the back yard, our other plants are showing signs of rebirth.  Like the Japanese Maple.

And the Solomons Seal is spreading again.

Out in front of the house, our pear tree is blooming, too.

On the next street over from our house, in the same complex, a much older similar tree bears pears every year!  Ours has been through some trauma, when a big tree fell on it and sheared off a big branch, so we’ve never had pears.

When I was working at my former company, my way to work was past some awesome flowering cherry trees, and I took these photos.

Spring is one of my two favorite seasons, after autumn, and I am thankful for living in a place with ample rainfall.  Around here, March showers bring April and May flowers!

Here’s the link to John’s Original Post.

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