It really hurts to say this. Parents, it’s time for you to abandon Disney. They are behind harming your children.

Mine (the Baby Boomers) is the first generation of Americans to grow up with Disney.  We went to the theater to watch Fantasia, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and all the other iconic Disney animated movies.  We sat eagerly in front of our TVs and watched the Mickey Mouse Club.  We begged our  parents to take us to Disneyland (I went with my parents when I was 11).  No one even considered entertaining the thought that anything about Disney might be other than wonderful for kids and grownups alike.

Well, those days are gone.  Long gone.  Now, in the days of “woke culture”, the inmates seem to be running the asylum at Disney.  All over the news is the “transgenderism” movement, which has sought to convince millions of young people that they should not think of themselves as the sex indicated by their genital equipment, that normally corresponds to their chromosomes (XX for females, XY for males), but as “whatever they feel”.  The homosexual Mafia is behind the drive for school teachers to indoctrinate kids from kindergarten that they can choose their “gender” by whatever they feel they are today.

Just recently, the state of Florida passed a law that gives Parents the right to make decisions for their children, including whether and how they are exposed to sex and sexual orientation information in their elementary school.  Immediately, the Homosexual Mafia and its minions, the ranks of the Woke Youth, took to the streets in protest of the law.  Disney employees especially expressed their outrage at the law, and they got their CEO, Bob Chapek, to renounce the law, and lend the support of the Disney Corporation for its repeal.  And the Homosexual Mafia has already filed lawsuits against the law that gives parents control over their minor children.  Why?  Because THEY want that control, by their hold on the all-powerful Teachers Unions, whose members teach “transgenderism” to their charges all over the country.

Parents, do you want the formerly-wholesome Disney corporation getting behind the Homosexual Lobby?  Do you want your children exposed to homosexual behavior in Disney animated movies?


The scene above was from a 2017 animated Disney TV cartoon.  And now, the Disney company vows to include more homosexual content in forthcoming films for young people.

Parents, is this what you want for your kids?  If not, then it’s time to abandon Disney.

Here’s a priceless meme sent to me by a friend.  It’s just perfect.


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