Road Trip Day 3, 3 states

We started out in Idaho, and visited a site my husband was interested in, not far from Twin Falls where we stayed. This particular site represents a sordid part of America’s history, when people of a particular national origin were confined in concentration camps, because of their ancestry. The place was Minidoka, a “relocation camp” (get the euphemism) established by the Democrat government of Franklin Delano Roosevelt during World War II, to confine those of Japanese origin, regardless of their citizenship status. They were assumed to have divided loyalties, and might be a ”fifth column” in the US for our enemy, Japan. That was not true, and many Japanese-Americans lost everything-livelihoods, businesses, and homes, for the duration of the war. Below are some photos I took there.

Minidoka watchtower
Remains of waiting area

After lunch in the town of Burley, we headed out on I-84, through Utah and Wyoming. We encountered some road construction in Utah. In Wyoming, I saw two groups of antelopes, but they went by too fast for me to take pictures. Below are some photos I took in Wyoming.

Road into Rock Springs

After we checked into our hotel in Rock Springs, we went out to get dinner. We were surprised to find a Japanese teppanyaki steakhouse in the wilds of Wyoming! How about this fine sculpture outside?

Tomorrow, we embark on the last leg of our journey, to Colorado Springs. Since we will barely have time to change clothes for the reception before the dinner program, I may not have time to post anything.

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