Prominent Guest Author: Kira Davis-I am a Pro-Life Absolutist

Readers and Followers: I have been given an awesome gift today, and I hope you will all send your friends here to read an essay that they might never otherwise see.  This wonderful essay was posted on Kira’s Locals channel (go to, sign up, and join DavisNation if you want more of Kira’s excellent commentary); and she kindly gave me permission to post it here in its entirety.  I hope her essay hits you all right in the heart!   I humbly offer you:

I Am A Pro-Life Absolutist, by Kira Davis

My father-in-law is an abortion survivor. Certainly few people would blame his mother for the attempt. A single, black woman in the 1940s/50s, raising 7 children on her own, with no education and no real vocation. Of course she felt desperate. But God.

I think about how much misery their family faced. The “tis better to end a child’s life than to make them live in misery” argument is one I understand, although I fundamentally disagree with it. It is born of misery itself. It is born of fear. There is such terror and degradation in this world, and every day we hear stories of children being terribly neglected and abused. I understand the sentiment.

And then I think of how many lives are here because my FIL was allowed to live. And I think of how the cup he was given was filled with misery, even as a grown man. And I think of how that misery shaped him into a man who could nurture and love and lead, and how many people he has helped with that wisdom. And I think of his grand-children and great-children and all their children and grandchildren. I think of my own family, none of whom I would have the privilege to know and love without his survival. I think of how many people would say that his life was too miserable to live, and how much joy his life has brought to countless others.

We cannot be the arbiters of who’s life will have value. A single soul is a ripple that turns into a tidal wave. How many waves of life and love have we stopped? Waves that could have turned tides and changed fates. Waves that might have brought the cure to cancer, or a word or hug that saved another from the depths of depression and suicide.

Those who say people like me only care about child before it is born are people who don’t work with their communities. They are ignorant about how many people are out there working and sacrificing for young mothers every day, walking with them through their entire journey of motherhood. The groups are countless, and they work in anonymity most of the time. They don’t want your accolades, they only want to help. If you think they don’t exist, I implore you to look around and find someone doing the work, and go help. It will change your life. It changed mine.

I was a biracial child, born in a time when people genuinely believed a legitimate concern about interracial marriage was “what about the children? They’ll be so confused.” Thank God my mother did not heed that concern. I have had my own share of misery, but like my FIL, it has been offset with wild joy, and undeserved contentment (at times). I have been low, but I have been lifted so high that I’ve seen the tops of the clouds. I have been so unloved, but I have been loved beyond measure. I have been so angry, but I have found peace where many say there would be none to be found.

There is no way to tell which child will be me, or my FIL. Which will be you. There is simply no way. The risk of losing a preciously and deliberately created soul to a fear that cannot be verified is too great. Every baby deserves the chance to become more than their circumstances. In fact, those are the only babies who grow up to be world-changers…the people who have had to overcome. What do we rob of ourselves by denying that potential?

Misery is real. Evil is real. Suffering is real. And so is grace, and peace, and victory and love and joy. Who among is too unworthy to find those things? It is not for us to say before an infant has even had a chance to take their first breath.

The Bible commands us to cover those who suffer. Our God is not without compassion, or knowledge of what havoc sin wreaks on our world. Abortion is not about a court decision. It is a call to serve, and we must all heed that call. If we all did our part to heed that call more regularly, perhaps this issue wouldn’t feel so dire. I hope more and more people heed the call, love their neighbors, and help in small ways or big. That is for you to decide.

But I cannot sign on to be the person who decides for a child whether their life will have value or not. That child deserves the chance to prove it. I’m a prolife absolutist, because it is what Love demands.

If this essay has whetted your appetite for more of Kira Davis, you can find her “Just Listen to Yourself” podcast wherever you get your podcasts; she is a frequent contributor to, NewsMax, and Fox News.  I urge you all to look her up, subscribe to her podcast, and join DavisNation on (for a nominal fee, and worth more than every penny).  I thank you all for directing your friends here to read this very pertinent essay on a subject that is at the heart of conservatism and religious faith: the intrinsic value of every human life.

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