Sunday Stills: What might that Pacific Northwest #Aroma be?

Today’s theme is aroma, and pictures that lead you to remember the #aroma of something.   So, I will start with an aroma that is one of my very favorites: the salt tang of the sea.  Since salt water is never more than a few miles away from our home in Everett, Washington, we are often at one or another seashore, breathing in the wonderful smells of salt water, seaweed, and wet logs.

Puget Sound, and arm of the Pacific Ocean, is our closest salt water.  The Ferry dock in Edmonds is always a welcome destination in any season.

Ferry approaching-Edmonds WA

In the late autumn, when the wind is cold and the waves crash into the shore.

1961-big ferry

And in the spring, when the sky is blue and breezes light.

And our other favorite ocean beach is the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge on the Olympic Peninsula, on the Straits of Juan de Fuca, south of Victoria, British Columbia.  These two pictures were taken on the same day in 2021.


Of course, one of the Pacific Northwest’s most common aromas is evergreen trees, which are all around us, here in Western Washington.




A less-welcome smell around here is the smoke from forest fires.  The fires are seldom in our immediate vicinity, but we get smoke from fires in British Columbia (which has a heavier forest coverage) and Eastern Washington which is drier.  In 2017, we drove to Montana in September, and we did not see the sky for nearly a week, due to all the forest fire smoke.  There were active fires a short distance from the rental house where we stayed.

The photo on the left is outside Spokane, and the one on the right is the view across the road from our house.

Of course, cooking is one of those activities that generates savory smells.  In fact, right now my husband is in the process of preparing our favorite Singapore Curry, from a mix we buy at an Asian grocery store.  This is what it looks like before he adds the noodles to it.


It smells just heavenly, and tastes heavenly too.

Of course, flowers are known for their delightful smells, and the bouquet Hubby got me for Valentine’s Day this year was chock-full of lovely roses.

Here’s the Link to Terri’s Original Post.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: What might that Pacific Northwest #Aroma be?

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  2. Great shots of all the aromas that define the Pacific and Inland Northwest. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for much fewer wildfires this year. BTW, please consider not titling your post the exact same as mine. Google gets confused when this happens.

  3. I loved this. I live in Southwest Washington, but grew up in North Bend. I love the smells of the PNW from ocean to mountain to high desert. I DO NOT like the smells of the wildfires either.

  4. Your pictures make me homesick for the Pacific Northwest. We moved there when I was 15 and I lived there until I was almost 30. My first husband was from Seattle so we traveled back and forth quite a bit. We used to ride the ferry to Bremerton just for a date, then ride it back to Seattle. We took another trip through the San Juan Islands to British Columbia. Such beautiful places to go.

    1. Western Washington has the best climate and scenery anywhere, and the most insane people. I was born and raised in Seattle, but I stay away now, due to the homeless camps everywhere and high crime.

      1. I’m sure that is true. I am planning a trip to Portland in September to meet up with some bloggers and to visit my brother. I know it has the same problems. I wish we could walk around downtown Portland, but my 68-year-old brother was mugged there last September. He managed to slip out of a choke hold and run to a nearby store where they called the police. Have a wonderful Pacific NW weekend.

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