Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #94 – At Home

The Wuhan Coronavirus stalking the land has forced the majority of us to spend more time at home (with the help of the government who orders us to stay home).  My husband has been working from home for six weeks now.  I was home for a two-week furlough from work.  But I had good company while at home, and I kept my camera at the ready to capture our “owner”.


Kikyo got a lot of lap time while I was off work.  I think this picture needs a caption.  Perhaps, “you called, Underling?”.

Spring has definitely come, and our back yard is in “jungle” mode these days.  We also get visits from some of our favorite avian friends.  This is one of our pair of Varied Thrushes, which are basically robins in slightly different plumage.


Here are a couple of more pictures of the back yard, just taken this afternoon.



And my birthday was two weeks ago.  Here is one of the things my husband bought me.


It lives on the kitchen table, where I can gaze at it over breakfast and dinner.

I’m back at work now, until the end of May, but I know I will have kitty, Hubby, and peaceful yard to come home to at the end of a long day.

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April Flowers

My birthday is in April, when flowers are blooming everywhere.  Here are some pictures of flowers around me.

I received these from my best friend at work.  Thanks, Leslie!


On a street near my workplace, I see these trees

on my way in to work every day.  How about those flowers!


And a little closer up:


And one little branch:


Just beautiful.


Springtime in the Skagit Valley of Washington State

See the header picture on my blog?  That was taken a few years ago in the tulip fields of the Skagit Valley in Washington State.  Hubby and I took a drive up there this afternoon, and it was a perfect day for it.  Sunny, but with beautiful clouds in the sky, and temps in the low 60s.  All of these pictures were taken out the window of the car where I was a passenger.  There were fields that were plowed and ready for planting.




We saw some beautiful barns, no two exactly alike.  We Washingtonians tend to be free thinkers and idiosyncratic.




Given that it is the last week of the annual Tulip Festival, there were the roads, with cars parked along every side.


And this is what everyone was looking at, and taking pictures of.





We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the country, and to have these farms and fields so close to our suburban home.  It never gets old, ever.

Every Picture Tells a Story


Each element of this picture tells a bit of my story.  From the sign on the left of this shelf, you can see that this is above my desk at work.  People who come over know at a glance that I am available to help them with their issue.  To the right of that sign (sorry for the ribbon in the way!) is a picture of my husband and me at our wedding reception, in 2003.  Front and center is the vase of pretty flowers my husband sent me for our anniversary last year.  Those flowers stayed right there until they were simply husks.  It just made me so happy to look at them, and know my hubby was thinking of me.

To the right, and behind, are some awards I have earned from my professional association, the Institute of Supply Management, Western Washington Chapter.  Two are clear glass on stands, and one is a piece of incised granite.  In front of those is the cute pewter cat business-card holder I found a few years ago and that follows me to whatever my job is.  And I’ll give a special prize to whomever can identify the item with the white base and power cord to the left of the cat.  This picture just tells so much of my jumbled-up story!