Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #200: It’s the Little Things

I do like to keep my eyes open and search for little things around me that delight the eye.  How about the humble, useful paper clip?  Who gives them more than a moment’s consideration, mainly when you run out?  I did, last week at work.  I had lined up some paper clips on my desk, so they would be available when needed for clipping documents.


I thought they looked artistic, lined up in a row.  Not all are alike either, as their configuration differs.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so I walked to my pedicure appointment at the nail salon which is just a few blocks from my home.  On the way back, I noticed these plants which are under the neighborhood sign at the entrance to our complex.  I have no idea what they are, but I liked the prickly edges on the leaves.

PlantWithPricklyLeavesAnd then, there are the raindrops on the leaves of the Solomon’s Seal in our backyard.


I’m betting you won’t be able to identify where these little things are.  I was delighted when I saw this on our vacation.


Yeah, they’re all little rocks embedded in concrete, but I’m betting most of you won’t know where they are.  Well, they are part of the bathroom stall in a rest area in Wyoming.  All the bathroom stalls are made up of these local-stone partitions, and we found them in all the rest areas we stopped at in the state, on both legs of our trip.  It’s a great way to discourage graffiti, too!  All those little things make up a very beautiful big thing.

In Colorado Springs, we saw another kind of amalgamation of little things made into a big thing, but this one was made by nature.  It was a display outside a store at The Broadmoor.


They are fossils from an ancient seabed, all mashed together in a rock conglomerate.  And some of the shells are definitely clams, just like the ones living today.

Returning to the land of the living, we go to my house, where my husband has a 15-gallon aquarium, where he has three Black Neon Tetra fish, which are just little things.  I was fascinated by the little waterfall which replenishes the oxygen in the tank, and becomes more visible when the water level drops.  And more audible, too.

Here’s hoping you all have a bubbly week ahead!

Here’s the Link to Amy’s Original Post for this week.

3 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #200: It’s the Little Things

  1. These paper clips on your desk, what a cool choice. a 15-gallon aquarium, wow!
    Thank you for sharing these fossils from an ancient seabed.

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