Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #205: The Eyes have it

My first thought upon seeing this week’s topic was “I rarely photograph people, so I don’t have many faces”.  However, upon further reflection, it occurred to me that there are a pair of quite striking eyes right in our own house.  They belong to our black cat.


This photo deserves a caption.  Can you suggest one?

Kikyo-How dare you disturb me!

Those eyes say: “How dare you disturb the Owner’s leisure?”

Sea-sky 7-17

The opening in the clouds, in the North Pacific Ocean, looked just like an eye to me.


Finally, this was the first selfie I took, with the camera in my computer.  This was the first time I could see without glasses, since I was five years old.  I had just had my second cataract surgery, and my new lenses have enabled me to discard my glasses when I’m not reading.  This was, and is, a really big deal for me.  However, discarding the glasses showed me the bags under my eyes, which were not noticeable when I wore glasses.  Nope, no plastic surgery for me, so I’ll just be a “bag lady”.


The first thing you notice about this mural is the lady’s eyes.  However, the first thing I noticed was the way she was holding that sword.  By the sharp edge!

And in Nashville, I was captivated by this mural on the outside of a restaurant entrance.  Green eye with pupil dilated.


Here’s the Link to Tina’s Original Post for this week.  You will love it!

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