It’s a Mammoth Discovery!

Quite literally!  In the Yukon region of Canada, some miners came upon a natural wonder.  They found a 30,000-year-old, well-preserved Woolly Mammoth baby.  The mummified remains were well-protected by the near-frozen ground in which they were found during mining excavations.


The article on Fox News describes the state of preservation, and other background information on the significant find.  I expect the scientists at the University of Calgary and elsewhere will publish new findings about how the calf died, and its lifestyle in Ice-Age Canada.

In 2020, when we went to South Dakota, we visited an archaeological site of an ancient sinkhole where dozens of mammoths met their deaths, and were preserved for our scientists to study today.

Same animal, very far away from the Yukon.  But the Ice Age glaciers covered most of North America for thousands of years.  And the climate changed dramatically, without the help of human industry.  Maybe Nature and not humans, is the cause of “climate change”.  In any case, this new find should add much new information to our knowledge of the climate and fauna of Ice Age America.

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