Did you vote Democrat on Tuesday?

You did?  This is what you voted for.


Antifa protesters outside the home of Tucker Carlson, a Fox News commentator.


Protesters outside the home of Ajit Pai, the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.  Mr. Pai has a wife and children, who were frightened by the angry people shouting outside their home.  They had to go into hiding.


This is what Antifa promises people who do not agree with them.


This is who they are.  These people are not supporters of conservatives.


Democrat supporters prefer mob rule.  Anyone who disagrees with them is liable to have a mob on his front lawn, or outside his office, screaming and threatening violence.

If you voted Democrat on Tuesday, this whom you voted for.  Be very careful out there.  One wrong word to the wrong person could lead to these people forming up outside YOUR front door, demanding blood.  Your livelihood may be threatened, your family might be in danger, if you get on the wrong side of the Liberal Mob.

Just when you thought the OTL administration couldn’t get more Terrible….

They go and intervene in a lawsuit by terrorism victims against the Palestinian Authority…on the side of the Palestinians!  I have said many times that OTL is an Arab Sympathizer…  This story on the Fox News site today, really takes the cake!  Instead of a link, I reprint the story below in its entirety.  Do YOU support this?

Attorneys for 11 American families who won a potential billion-dollar judgment against the Palestinian leadership, which a federal jury blamed for a string of deadly terror attacks, say the U.S. government took the side of terrorists when it weighed in on the case Monday.

The State and Justice departments filed a “statement of interest” in the case known as Sokolow v. PLO, urging U.S. District Judge George Daniels not to force the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian Liberation Organization to post bond of up to $30 million per month while it appeals the jury’s February decision. Daniels had previously said he may require the bond as “some meaningful demonstration that the defendant is ready and willing to pay the judgment.”

“The State Department should stand on the side of the American terror victims and not on the side of the Palestinian suicide bombers.”

– Nitsana Darshan Leitner, attorney for victims’ families

In the statement and an accompanying affidavit from Deputy Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, the government warned that requiring the cash-strapped Palestinian government to make the bond payments could leave its ability to govern “severely compromised.”

” … the continued viability of the PA is essential to key U.S. security and diplomatic interests, including advancing peace between Israel and the Palestinians, supporting the security of U.S. allies such as Israel, Jordan and Egypt, combating extremism and terrorism, and promoting good governance,” read Blinken’s affidavit.

The government said it supported the rights of the victims to pursue justice, and condemned the acts of terror underpinning the civil suit, initially filed a decade ago, but objected to the bond requirement. The move was anticipated by the families’ lawyers, who told FoxNews.com last week that the federal government was preparing the statement.

“The State Department should stand on the side of the American terror victims and not on the side of the Palestinian suicide bombers,” attorney Nitsana Darshan Leitner told FoxNews.com Tuesday.

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas continues a longstanding practice of paying jailed terrorists and families of suicide bombers. 

The families’ legal team bitterly cites the fact that the Palestinian government continues to pay imprisoned terrorists and the families of suicide bombers as evidence it has money to meet its legal obligations.

“The State Department ignores the fact that the Palestinians continue to pay monthly payments to imprisoned terrorists and to the families of the suicide bombers, who devastated the lives of the victims in this case,” Darshan Leitner said. “If the Palestinians have the funds to continue making these payments, they certainly have the funds to post a bond.”

The Department of Justice declined to comment on the case. A State Department spokesperson rejected the charge that the Obama administration was siding against American citizens.

“This filing is a statement of the interests of the United States and not on behalf of any party,” the spokesperson told FoxNews.com. “It addresses the critical U.S. national security and foreign policy interests that should be considered.”

The families won a $218.5 million judgment in February after a seven-week trial in Manhattan Federal Court in which a jury found the Palestine Liberation Organization and Palestinian Authority were responsible for a string of attacks from 2001 to 2004 that killed 33 and injured hundreds. A 1992 law that requires damages in such cases to be tripled, as well as interest on the award, would push it to as much as $1.1 billion. The judgment, which the Palestinians are appealing, would equal nearly a third of the Palestinian Authority’s annual operating budget.

Another member of the families’ legal team, Kent Yalowitz, echoed Leitner’s claim that the Palestinian leadership cannot claim poverty while paying killers. But he applauded language in the statement that appeared to back his clients’ ultimate right to collect damages.

“We are gratified that the Department of Justice supports the rights of survivors of international terrorism to enforce their rights and collect the judgment but disappointed that the State Department failed to take any stand against the PLO and PA’s policy of putting convicted terrorists on their payroll as soon as they are jailed,” said Yalowitz.

I applaud Fox News for publishing this story.

Chaos Approaching…Are You Ready?

Chaos Approaching…Are You Ready?

All the following stories are currently headlined on Fox News.

CDC confirms second US Ebola case

Stray bullet hits toddler

Infants in hospital test positive for TB

The occupant of the White House cites cyberattack risk

Hackers obtain “deleted” images

Elite (?) Judges again overrule the will of the People regarding homosexual “marriage”

Your government funds those who vow Israel’s destruction

California ObamaCare exchange issues no-bid contracts

Official says rats are winning in NYC

Do any of you still think that your government has your interests in mind, other than controlling every aspect of your life?  Ebola is coming to a place near you.  Watch your back, and your bank account, as no one will protect you except you.

Thanks to John Walker for the beautiful image of galaxies colliding.

Two Headlines on the Same Day…Making Stuff up Dept.

Both Found on Fox News:


And This:

Which course of action is more (or less) humane?

Ending the Death Penalty for Capital Crimes. [Washington State]

Approving Euthanasia for Children. [Belgium]

Yep, the Liberals who run both Washington State and Belgium. They have no problem with sparing the lives of capital murderers, and murdering children.

How twisted can morality get, when God has been banished?

My Pet Peeve With Liberals on TV & Radio Talk Shows

When in a “conversation” on TV or radio, liberals always “talk over” each other AND the host. They never give any other speaker time to finish what he is saying before they have to butt in. Even on TV shows where the entire “panel” is liberal, they cannot refrain from talking over whoever is speaking (and this results in the decibel level increasing).

This is probably a result of the fact that liberals simply do not believe that anyone other than themselves is worth listening to. They, and they alone, have the correct opinions, and you should only listen to THEM. Even on Fox News, I want to scream “STOP” when Allen Colmes talks over the rest of the panel. And when they do this, they talk faster and faster, so you can’t get a word in edgewise. I sometimes listen to Sean Hannity on the radio, and he has more than one phone-in guest for “debates”. The common occurrence is everyone other than the host interrupting, and talking over each other, so you totally lose track of who is speaking (and the listener tunes out what is being said). Hannity needs to grow some backbone, and insist that his guests listen, as well as talk.