Teamsters Union demonstrates in downtown Seattle, targets Amazon

The Teamsters Union President led a march in downtown Seattle today, ending at the company’s headquarters building in the South Lake Union(!) neighborhood.  The Teamsters has started a special unit dedicated to recruiting Amazon employees to be unionized.  So far, they have not had much luck with Amazon warehouses.  In Seattle, they are going after the very-highly-paid corporate employees, rather than lower-paid warehouse workers.  Dollar signs are passing before their eyes-just think of all those union dues as a percentage of salary!

Now, the Left loves to harass conservatives by saying that we “incite violence” whatever we say.  Here is a quote from a Twitter post by Sean O’Brien, the head of the Teamsters.

Teamsters have a message for Bezos and his white-collar crime syndicate called Amazon: we are 1.2 million-strong, and we are coming for you!

Does that sound like an incitement to violence to you?  It sure does to me!  Amazon already pays a special tax to Seattle, which its supporters have called the “Amazon Tax”.  We know that the leftists who run the city despise Amazon and want to confiscate as much of its earnings as possible, regardless of the state not having an income tax.

I don’t think the Teamsters have much chance of unionizing Amazon, even though its employees often complain of their brutal working conditions.  It will be fun to watch.

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