Biden Declares “Pandemic Over”, but there’s a catch

By now, we are used to the dementia-plagued president’s remarks being walked back by his handlers, and this statement on a 60 Minutes interview was no exception.  Before it was walked back, however, the Seattle Health Nazis had something to say about it.  Would anyone care to hazard a guess as to what they said?   Anyone?  Predictably, here’s the quote from the linked article.  Italics mine.

“DOH recognizes the state is on the road to recovery, but this is not the end of the Covid-19 response in Washington. As individuals adapt their personal behaviors to the Covid-19 risk, we have more prevention tools now through testing, vaccination, boosters, masking and therapeutics at our disposal. We feel confident as we transition into recovery. Staying up to date on all vaccines is the best way to protect yourself and those around you.

“Thankfully, Washingtonians continue to work together to fight this virus by using the tools available to them. Doh remains committed to supporting the community and all of your efforts as our work continues.”

If we had any dreams of pandemic restrictions being lifted anytime soon, we would abandon hope on reading this statement.  Of course, the Dictator in Olympia agrees completely.

And, by the way, the vaccine does NOT protect you from either being infected with the Covid virus, OR spreading it to others, and the State and City are baldfacedly lying to you about that.  If you are smart, you will believe nothing the Health Nazis tell you, and refuse to comply with any restrictions on your behavior, including getting any booster shots, wearing a mask anywhere it is not state-mandated, or distancing yourself from friends and family.  They have wrought more than enough destruction on society with their lockdowns, school closures, and dehumanizing mask restrictions.

It is time for all of us to declare the pandemic over, and go back to our everyday lives with NO thought given to getting sick.  Live, people, and do not cower in fear of a virus!

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