The difference between Leftists and Conservatives

The Left says to all its various “victim groups” that they deserve a bigger piece of the pie.  Since the pie remains the same size, that pits the various victim groups against each other, fighting over who should get more of the piece of pie.

Conservatives, on the other hand, believe in making the pie larger.  They tell their adherents that if they get educated (not indoctrinated) or trained, and work hard at their chosen job, they can help make the pie bigger for everyone, with no fighting needed.  Every individual gets as much of the larger pie as he or she is willing to earn.

This is demonstrated by the economic policies of each group.  The Left believes in “taxing the rich” to redistribute the products of the labor of the “rich” to others who have not expended the effort.  The Conservative believes in “economic growth”, or making the pie bigger, by such policies as low taxes, less regulation of all business, and less regulation of labor so industrious citizens can earn, and keep, the products of their own hard work.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

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