Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #221: Favorite Flowers

Like Tina, I am no flower expert, so I often don’t know what a flower is called when I see it.  But I always try to get photos of new flowers, and new versions of old ones.  I think that my very favorite flower is the azalea that my real estate agent gave me for a housewarming present when I bought my house 22 years ago.  It is planted around my front door, and I love taking photos of it whenever it is in flower.

These are photos at various stages of flowering.  There were a couple of years where it didn’t flower at all.  Now, in the back yard, I planted a hydrangea.  The soil isn’t very good, so it doesn’t flower in profusion, but it sure does look nice when it does.  These photos are all from this year.

In Leavenworth in the summer, there are flower-boxes all over town.  They were especially beautiful this year.

When we were at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix a few years ago, I was delighted to see all the different ones in flower.  You really don’t think “flower” when you see a cactus, so it was a bit surprising at first.

Finally, the Skagit Valley of Western Washington is known for its tulips, and the Tulip Festival takes place each April.  Of course, since it’s only an hour drive, we go every year.

Here’s the Link to Ann-Christine’s Original Post for this week.  And Tina’s too!

6 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #221: Favorite Flowers

  1. Some wonderful choices this week RB. I used to have hydrangea plants at my home up north but not here in SC. I love them, they’re so beautiful when they flower. And I’ve always wanted to see that tulip festival but it’s so far for us and one never knows when exactly it will be at its peak. It looks amazing!

  2. Tina, if you bookmark visitskagitvalley.com, they have a “bloom map” there that will show you where the blooming flowers are. Check starting April 1, and you should be able to track when the best flowers are all out.

  3. Love hydrangeas and yours look beautiful ! I have an orange azalea, but not blooming as abundantly as yours – it looks so lovely. Skagit Valley I am sure is worth a visit – it can be compared to the Netherlands and their spring festival. Nice examples.

  4. Wow – those tulip fields! I always think hydrangeas do best with neglect, providing they get enough water. It’s so easy to trim off the bits that will flower next year.

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