Safety “Concerns” with Covid Jab

If you have been awake lately, you might have noticed a number of news stories about young people dying suddenly.  You see stories about fit athletes having heart attacks, strokes, and cardiac arrest, which are normally extremely rare.  However, since early 2021, when the mRNA Covid shots were released all over the world by various pharmaceutical companies, more young people seem to be dropping dead “unexpectedly.”  What do they have in common?  Their colleges, or their sports teams, mandate that they receive the shots, and even boosters, in order to remain in school or on the team.  It is a well-known observation that Covid is not a threat for young, healthy people, and that the risk of myocarditis is quite high for young males.

In Canada, young doctors are dying suddenly!  A Web site called vaccine deaths is recording many cases of young people in the prime of life dropping dead of heart attacks, after receiving one or more doses of the mRNA jab.  This article describes many young athletes succumbing, after receiving the jab.  Clay Travis describes how he is seeing a large increase in athlete deaths attributed to the Covid “Jibby-jab”, and he’s been around a long time!

Someone I follow on Twitter asked her followers if they knew anyone who had suffered drastic side effects from the shots, and many, many said that they knew friends, family members, and even themselves, who had adverse effects from the shots and boosters.  This is truly alarming, as the HHS and CDC are still heavily promoting the shots for everyone, including young children.

I got the original shot in early 2021 when they first were released, and so far I have been very lucky and not had any adverse reactions.  But I am now watching my health very closely, and keeping my eyes open for anything that might indicate a problem.

I advise my readers to do the same, and if you are young, or have young children DO NOT get vaccinated.  These gene-therapy shots are proving to be thoroughly ineffective in preventing infection, transmission of the virus, or re-infection.  It is looking more and more like the benefits of the shots do not outweigh the risks.  And even for us susceptible older folks, the CDC is now warning that the shots are associated with an increase in strokes!  Even some doctors are calling for the shots to be withdrawn as too risky.

So watch out, and don’t take a shot if you don’t need one, especially now that the pandemic is over!  Get out there and live your life.

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