Some Memes that caught my eye and made me laugh

A big shout-out to Joe at  He makes me think, and laugh, every day.  You should sign up for his daily newsletter.


The DemocRats do have one advantage-they stick together.  When one of them is slandered, the party gets behind him or her and supports them.  We should do the same, or they will be in power forever.

And that brings back a saying that I heard, perhaps from Rush Limbaugh.  Republicans take office.  DemocRats take power.


Recently, Elon Musk the new owner of Twitter has been releasing volumes of documents showing that the DemocRat Federal government conspired with Big Tech to censor the speech of conservatives, and it keeps getting worse.  More and more documents  show that the FBI conspired with all social media platforms to censor doctors who had true information about Covid and the Jibby-Jab that was forced on millions of Americans, which makes them look like the bullies they are.


But what would a meme post be without some real humor?


Meow!  Have a nice day.

One thought on “Some Memes that caught my eye and made me laugh

  1. accordion2ray

    The FBI, seriously? What expertise does the FBI have that makes them more knowledgeable about medicine than doctors and the scientific community? This was news to me that the FBI was involved in this censoring. I think this continues to go on, even for some scientists who were on Twitter and still haven’t gotten their Twitter accounts back.

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