Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #246: Still Life

Thanks to my iPhone 13 Pro, I am now always ready with a camera, when a likely subject comes into view.  It’s fun to capture scenes that seem to just have been waiting for me to come along and capture them.  I got this one at my local outlet mall.  The display of old sewing machines was in the window of a clothing store.  Who remembers their grandmother’s machine?


My best friend from childhood lived a few houses away, and her grandmother had an old treadle sewing machine in their attic.

In 2022, my husband sent me Valentine flowers at work.  That beautiful square vase of flowers inspired me to take dozens of photos, from many different angles.  There were a variety of colors and shapes of flowers and foliage, and I just couldn’t get enough of them.

Those are all the same vase of flowers!  In my long life, I’ve received flowers from many different friends and boyfriends, but I have to say that none compared with this bouquet.

Just recently, I’ve had occasion to partake of some very photogenic food, both simple and complex.

Stil life-onions

Who would think that even a lowly onion could be a photographic subject?  Or even a loaf of bread?


On our trip back from Colorado, we had dinner in a hotel restaurant, and these coffee carafes caught my eye.

Better in black-and white, or in color?

This doesn’t really qualify as an inanimate object, but it does stay still for long stretches of time.  It really is “still” “life”.


Here’s the Link to Patti’s Original Post for this week.  And Tina’s too!

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