Welcome to Jay Inslee’s Seattle, with thanks to Jonathan Choe, Journalist

A while ago, Jonathan Choe was let go from KOMO News because of his honest reporting on what has been happening in downtown Seattle, especially since the onerous Covid restrictions were initiated in 2020.  He has been doing excellent work since then, posting on his Twitter account.  The post below should be read in its entirety.  Mr. Choe has been going to the worst part of downtown Seattle, and taking powerful video of the open-air drug market at Third Avenue and Pike Street.  This horrific video shows the now-callous attitude of the Seattle Fire Department and Police to the constant ugliness.

Anyone at all familiar with Seattle will know that it is full of homeless tents on sidewalks, empty storefronts that used to be filled with thriving large and small businesses, decrepit RVs parked on side streets, and graffiti-scarred buildings and fences.  This is not just in the Downtown area, it is all over the city.

That’s all for today.

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