Jay Inslee’s Washington State. The results of a Twelve-Year Reign.

And I use the word Reign on purpose.  Below are links to stories in the local news today, to illustrate the effects of one-party rule in Washington State.

Two Men Killed in Cal Anderson Park shooting identified.

Growing Illegal Encampment spotted along I-5 Near U District.

Encampment takes over site of former Beacon Hill Burger King that burned down.

Inslee announces Special Session of Legislature to take up Washington’s Drug Possession Law   What the headline does not say is the session will not include any Republican input.  If the DemocRats who run the state do not act, all hard drugs will become legal after July 1.  Jay Inslee’s Washington.

Auburn Leaders take Action to Address Recent Break-ins, Crime Impacting Business Owners

UW Medicine works to fill national gap in Abortion Care Training   Let that sink in.  Academic medical center is concerned with training people to serve the Abortion Culture of Death.  Enshrined in law, Washington will become a center of the Abortion Trade.

And that doesn’t even take into account all the new taxes.  The Family Leave Tax.  The unconstitutional Capital Gains Tax.  The Long-term Care tax.  The special taxes on oil refiners, which has raised the cost of gas in our state higher than anywhere but California.

Jay Inslee’s Washington.  A recent poll found that 51% of residents want to leave the state.

2 thoughts on “Jay Inslee’s Washington State. The results of a Twelve-Year Reign.

    1. No, Washington has no term limits for any office. The leftist citizens of Seattle keep electing him because they are leftist. They complain about crime, homeless camps, and bad schools, but never connect them to their own policies. They vote in “social housing” and “mental health” taxes, but ignore the failures of those false compassion policies. Because they operate off Feelings and not brains.

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