Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #248: Mood

There is a place not too far from where I live, which immediately conveyed a mood.  It is a large parcel of land that, at some time in its history, was flooded.  The entire parcel is still mostly under the water, and is filled with dead trees.  This place says “desolation” and “despair” to me.  I have no idea how it came to be like this, who owns it, or whether there are any plans to drain the water for a productive use.  In the meantime, it offers opportunities for a photographer.

These two views are black-and-white, since the scene lends itself well to monochrome.

These two views are the same place, in color.

To get into a festive mood, you can’t do better than the town of Leavenworth in north central Washington.  There is some kind of festival going on every weekend of the year.  The town’s buildings are all painted and built to look Bavarian, and you can’t help but smile when walking down the main street of town.

At the International Accordion Celebration in June every year, the festivities spill over into the streets, with the big Accordion Parade from the Festhalle to the Gazebo.


This impromptu group just couldn’t stop playing, even just standing around waiting for the rest of the players to show up for the parade.

My cat, Kikyo, will often turn up in some of the most unlikely places, and make me laugh when I don’t expect her.  Like this time she played a bit of peek-a-boo with me.


Another time, I just happened to glance up from my seat on the couch, and discovered her checking me out from her high perch.

Kikyo, soft kitty

Furry Vulture!

The Seattle Japanese Garden is designed to encourage a contemplative mood, with places for visitors to sit quietly and gaze at nature.

Tranquil bench, Seattle Japanese Garden
Leafy glade with bench, Seattle Japanese Garden


This photo always makes me smile.

Here’s the Link to this week’s Original Post.

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