Did you know that the United States homeland is about to be invaded?

Yes, Invaded.  A veritable army of Illegal Aliens is even now massing along our Southern Border, ready to flood across the bridges, and across the Rio Grande River, the minute Title 42 restrictions expire this Thursday.  Enacted during the Covid “emergency” by the Trump administration, and maintained until now, they allow illegal border-crossers to be immediately expelled due to the risk of communicable diseases.   Knowing that those restrictions are due to be lifted when the emergency is ended on May 11, thousands have been making the journey from various places all over the world, to our border, to invade our country.  Think it’s not an invasion?  Check this out.

I hope you are ready for the masses of illegal entrants, with their gang ties, diseases such as tuberculosis, and drugs, to enter your town.  Because they will.  This many people cannot, and will not, be stopped by the current government.  The Biden administration invited them here, and they know that this will irrevocably change the character of the United States of America.  These illegals will suck up money, medical care, shelter space, food, medicine, schools, and housing.  As we have already seen in places like New York, those who run Democrat cities favor illegal migrants over their own citizens who are homeless.  Expect an increase in crime and filth on the streets.  Expect illegals applying for your jobs, especially if you are a low-earning person.

If you voted for Biden, it’s YOUR fault that this is happening.  You asked for the, but we did not.  We will hold you responsible.

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